Teaching Great Habits

For tiny smiles

As every parent knows, finding new and creative ways to help our children learn and develop great oral healthcare habits can be a challenge. And as every member of our team knows, these habits are essential to having a happy and healthy smile.

In fact, tooth decay can start as soon as your baby’s first teeth come in and it’s one of the most common chronic diseases of children aged 6-11. Tooth decay is 4 times more common than asthma in teens.

Dr. Steve and team hygienist, Angel recently had the opportunity to visit Hyde Park PS to teach the kids the importance of brushing and flossing as well as help them with their technique. Along to help was mascot Toothy and the dreaded Carie, Toothy’s arch enemy.

Helping your children develop the healthy habits that support a lifetime of excellent oral – and overall – health is our first priority, and we are honored at opportunities like this to help give these kids a helping hand.